What do all the acronyms mean?

Acronyms…what do they mean? There are many types of acronyms from communication: TY (thank you) and TTYL (talk to you later). Company acronyms: BOA (Bank of America) and IBM (International Business Machines). Then there are those for education and certifications: BME (Biomedical Engineering) and CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Everyone has uses them, but do we really understand what is behind it?

I have had Acronyms behind my name since the early 90’s. My first one was C.P.M.® Certified Purchasing Manager. I worked for several years attending many hours of classes and completing accompanying tests to achieve the C.P.M. lifetime certification.

My twenty-six years in Purchasing Management was a natural entry to the Real Estate world. Those twenty-six years of negotiating prices with suppliers for a win-win agreement is a great segue to negotiating real estate contracts for both buyers and sellers.

My first real estate designation was the SRES® (Senior Real Estate Specialist) which I received in 2011. As a SRES® I have the knowledge and expertise to counsel clients who are 50+ specifically to their buying, and selling needs. I am also able to counsel them on major financial and lifestyle transitions such as relocating, and refinancing or selling the family home. To help these processes, I have contacts to make these sometime traumatic changes as smoothly as possible. With 3.5 million baby boomers turning 65 in 2013, and more expected each year, this is important client sector that I am prepared to help with all their real estate needs.

The second designation is CIPS® (Certified International Property Specialist) which I received in 2011. The CIPS® network is comprised of over 2000 real estate professionals in 50 countries. Already having an established European business connections, this designation helps to solidify my ability to work successfully with International customers. I am also able to refer clients to other CIPS® professionals across the globe. In 2006 I began working with real estate professional in Germany, today I have grown that network to thirteen professions whom I work with to promote my listing in Germany, and refer buyers to purchase here in Florida and Germany.

While the acronyms may be confusing, my acronyms are here to help you with your real estate endeavors. If you have any further questions about what it all means and how it can help you specifically, contact me. As always I answer emails within a day, with an average response time of a few hours.

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