November 2019 ~ Local Real Estate Statistics

Charlotte County residential sales totals for November 2019
Sold: 436 up  9.27% YOY
Median Price: $225,000 up 2.32 % YOY
Median days on market: 28

Punta Gorda Real Estate Sales:

  • 96 Single Family Homes
  • 36 Multi-Family
  • 13 Gulf Access Vacant Lots

Port Charlotte Real Estate Sales:

  • 195 Single Family Homes
  • 23 Multi-Family
  • 8 Gulf Access Vacant Lots

Cape Coral Real Estate Sales:

  • 401 Single Family Homes
  • 60 Multi-Family
  • 24 Gulf Access Vacant Lots

Lee County:  Waiting for information 

  •  1001 Single-family homes sales
  •  Median Price $262,500.
  • Absorption Rate:   4.7 months
  • Median Days on market:  67 days

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