September 2013 Stats

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Charlotte County residential sales totals for September 2013 381 up 17.23% YOY, Avg Price $168K up 15.05% YOY

Compared to our five year average County wide we have:

  • more contracts in pending:  453 vs 354
  • more closed sales:  381 vs 314
  • higher median prices:  $138K vs $108K
  • higher sale to original listing dollar ratio:  90.4% vs 86.7%
  • lower median days on market:  73 vs 76

What we don’t have is listings:

  • new listing are less than our five year avg:  531 vs 551
  • active listings available to sell:  2387 vs 3242

The Stats for September 

Charlotte County:

Punta Gorda 

  • 96 single family homes  ranging $25K to $530K
  • 40 condominium sales  ranging $32K to $383K
  • 10 gulf access vacant lots ranging $5K to $240K

Port Charlotte: 

  • 145 single family homes ranging $33K to $1.1M
  • 14 condominium sales ranging $20K to $220K
  •  12 gulf access vacant lots ranging from $11K to $110K

Five Highest Priced Sales September  2013
Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte

1. 19401 Lauzon Ave, PC, SFR 5/4 1,155,000
2. 1800 W Marion, PG, Vac Land $800K
3. 290 Tait Terr, PC, SFR 4/4, $547K
4. 1121 Hawks Nest, PG, SFR 3/2 $530K
5. 552 Macedonia, PG, new const $525K


Cape Coral

  • 303 single family home sales ranging $43K to $2.5M
  •  34 condominium sales ranging $38K to $639K
  • 27 gulf access vacant lots ranging $27K to $575K

Five Highest Priced Sales in Cape Coral, September 2013

1. 1433 SW 57th Ter, SFR, 7/9, $2.5Mil
2. 5821 Harbour Cir, SFR, 4/4, $1.639,000
3. 5629 Harbour Preserves, SFR, 3/3, $800K
4. 854 W Cape Estates, SFR, 3/3,$673,250
5. 6081 Silver King Blvd, Condo, 3/4, $639,500


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