Closing on your Property and all that Jazz

If you’ve made it to the point where you can count down until closing, then chances are you can make it through closing on your new home. (Pending any outstanding hiccups with funds, liens on the property, and home inspection contingencies.) The next step is to get organized. Staying on top of the details of my future home has been a full time job but it also ensures there will be no surprises come closing day. With my renovation plans I don’t want to have to delay work due to paperwork not being in order. To prep for the closing table I will review all of these papers a few days before closing and bring any necessary information to the closing table, including my state issued photo ID.

What to Expect

The week before closing the Closing Company will be sending me the paper to look over before arriving at the closing table (HUD, deed, title information, etc.). I am also in close contact with the Bank to make sure all of the correct papers are signed, the loan finalized, and I’m properly approved. My real estate attorney is also in close contact as he has been helping me to file for tax incentives on the home and to make sure they are all in order. And finally my realtor and I have scheduled a final walk through of the home for the day prior to closing. Pending any hiccups with funds, outstanding liens that may be on the property and home inspection contingencies not being fulfilled, chances are we are going to successfully close on my first home! Now on to those other details, namely packing and preparing for my renovations and the big move.

Step 1: Pick moving day

What day will you move? Do you need to take off work? Are there major events in your current or new neighborhood that weekend? Will you need to reserve parking in front of your new place or current home? Are you using a moving company or just some really good friends? Do you need to schedule with your current landlord about move out dates? If so, it may be beneficial to allow another day to clean so you can get that security deposit back. Every dollar helps!

If you’re doing renovations like I am, when will your contractor be done with work? Will you move in while the home is under construction or wait until it is fully complete? What are potential issues that could delay the work being done on time?

Step 2: Pack

Packing is never fun, but the anticipation of the new digs make it worth it. There are many theories to packing. First finding boxes can sometimes be a challenge. I personally picked mine up from work (boxes from deliveries they were planning on recycling) and from stores that I frequent (asking nicely helps!). If you’re going to reuse boxes, make sure they didn’t have food in them to begin with. No one likes having their books smell like hamburger patties. Additionally you can usually pick up moving boxes from your mover of choice and some of them will even buy the boxes back from you in the end if they’re in good condition. I don’t have much time to pack for my move so my boxes will not be as organized as I would like, but I will still be packing boxes based upon where in the new house they will go. I label all my boxes with my name (make sure they won’t go to my current roommates new place!) and which room they belong in. The biggest tip I’ve received and will be using this round is an “open first” box. This box has the important things: paper plates, plastic utensils, TP, my charging cables, desk necessities, toiletries, one sheet set, and towels. Essentially, everything I will need for the first few days as I sort out my boxes. Hopefully this means I won’t have to dig through boxes when I want to eat the delivery food or make it to work prepared, it’ll all be centrally located.

Step 3: Utilities, Mail, and Subscriptions

This is never fun. I don’t have a centralized list of my subscriptions, so I’ll be forwarding my mail (needs 1 week notice and can be done online and needs a credit card for a $1 charge) and changing addresses as I receive mail at my new place with those yellow forwarding labels. Think about this as you’re getting ready to move. I also realized I needed to move my TIME subscription and newspaper, these can generally be done with a week’s notice as well. Utilities vary with their transition time. It is worth a phone call to see the lead time on transitions for Gas, Electric, Water, Internet, and TV and while you’re on the phone with them, maybe they can schedule it in advance.

But then, if you’re like me and buying a “fix it up-er”, then there are more steps before this to plan the actual renovations. My plan is to get my renovations on the bathroom complete before I move in, giving me a little more time for steps 2 & 3, and making it vital that I stick on schedule. Now back to packing boxes!

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