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September 2013 Stats

This is the statistical excerpt from my monthly newsletter.  The newsletter is not something your momma is going to be interested in. It is packed with numbers-not recipes and information about what is happening with residential and commercial real estate. For those of you who don’t like numbers I added […]

August 2013 Stats

This is our “slow season” ?  Wake up everyone, the numbers for August are off the charts. I have spoken to many business owners and they are having a good summer!  This is very encouraging as we need to take the seasonality out of our businesses. The Stats for August […]

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Reverse Mortgage Facts

What is a Reverse Mortgage? This increasingly popular home loan allows home owners 62 or older to borrow against the equity in their home without having to repay the loan for as long as they live in and maintain the home. Instead of making monthly mortgage payments, the homeowner receives monthly […]

FHA cuts mortgage wait time after a Bankruptcy

Previously FHA had a two year waiting period after bankruptcy and three years if you had a foreclosure or short sale. All of that has changed. Now there is a one year wait period after foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy. This will impact more than just real estate sales.  This […]