Those Lies will Get You!

Recently I have read several articles about borrowers “fudging the truth” on their loan applications. It seems the lenders are now looking deeper into what you put on your loan application.  One seemingly “innocent” lie is occupancy, claiming to purchase a home for full time occupancy then using it as a […]

Taxes, Sins, and Records

So you purchased property in 2014, are you taking the correct deductions? Don’t make one of the 9 sins on your taxes! Do you know how long to keep your real estate related records? I found some great articles for you related to Real Estate and Taxes, but before you […]

Reverse Mortgage, Your Family Can Keep the Home

Family Keeps Home after Reverse Mortgage Comes Due By Nancy Bolt, Senior HECM Solutions Counselor available at 239-628-9165 A good thing about working in the same field for a long time is learning how the rules actually affect the borrowers and the borrowers’ heirs. Although I have been sad to […]

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Reverse Mortgage Facts

What is a Reverse Mortgage? This increasingly popular home loan allows home owners 62 or older to borrow against the equity in their home without having to repay the loan for as long as they live in and maintain the home. Instead of making monthly mortgage payments, the homeowner receives monthly […]

FHA cuts mortgage wait time after a Bankruptcy

Previously FHA had a two year waiting period after bankruptcy and three years if you had a foreclosure or short sale. All of that has changed. Now there is a one year wait period after foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy. This will impact more than just real estate sales.  This […]

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What is a Short Sale?

What is a Short Sale? En Español The concept behind the short sale is simple: To convince the seller’s mortgage lender(s) to accept a payoff for less than the balance due on the loan. Once the homeowner decides to allow the short sale, there is important paperwork needs to be […]